February 1, 2012

Daily-Draw February 1

So I'm on a forum somewhere and someone decided to start a thread in which we all post one drawing for every day in February (he got the idea from another forum). So every day you post a new drawing. This can be anything, a finished drawing, work in progress, a simple doodle.

I decided to join, but I'm not sure I'll be able to draw something every day. We'll see though!
Since I have already packed away most of my art supplies, I think most of these will be digital doodles heh. Unless I decide to unpack my stuff, but I might be too lazy for that. =P

Anyway here's my first doodle!
Decided to go for something wintery since it's so cold here and there's snow everywhere.
A boy is standing in a deep pit or ditch and I guess the girl is afraid to go down there herself. Yeah, I don't know why I drew this. =P


  1. oooh!!! Dit gaat een toffe blog worden :D. Ik zal volgen.

    1. Nu maar hopen dat ik het de volle 29 dagen vol hou. =P

  2. Das altijd goed voor de creativiteit. Ik ben benieuwd!