October 31, 2011

Christmas cards

Hey everyone!

I've had a bit of a "vacation month" during October, taking a break from everything and basically travelling to different places (some planned, some not). It's been a really nice month and I felt like I needed it to regain some inspiration and energy.

I've not sat still during this time. Apart from the travelling, I also made some new drawings! To get out of my artist block, I forced myself to make Christmas cards. It wasn't an easy task as I made them in Spain, while it was usually about 30 - 35°C outside. Not an easy task to think of Winter scenes then. =P

But here are the cards I've made, apart from the one with the snowman as I made that one a longer time ago.

Christmas cards!
Click on the picture to see a bigger version.

These cards are available for sale if you would like them. They are folded greeting cards with room for you to write a message on the inside. They also come with a white envelope.
It's €2.5 per card, but if you order 3 or more, they become €2! So you could get all 5 cards for €10. =)
They are also available in Dutch, except for the snowman picture which I only have in English.

If you are interested in any of them, feel free to let me know!