August 28, 2010

When inspiration is gone, do something else!

Like my last post said, I have been without inspiration for a while. I can't even get myself to really doodle anything, as my mind just keeps drawing a blank time and time again. I'm still hoping inspiration and ideas will flow back to me at some point. If not, I might go crazy haha.

But because I felt I had to do something with my time, I decided to try my hand at something a little different: jewellery!

I had been interested in making earrings for a while already, but never really gave it a shot, until now. And even though I'm not very good at it yet, and the things I do are very basic, I do enjoy it very much. It's something different and it helps to stop me worrying about the artist's block too much. Maybe in time and with more practice I can do a bit more with this jewellery making business, but for now it's mostly just for fun. =)

As you can see, nothing amazing, but I'm having fun making these. =)

Also, I forgot to mention this on here, but I opened up an Etsy store as well. I don't really expect to sell much/anything on there, but it's always worth a try no? If you're interested, you can visit my store here:

August 3, 2010

Lack of inspiration

I’m sure we’ve all been there many times. You have lots of free time that you can finally spend on your own stuff… but then that blasted artist’s block shows its ugly head and completely prevents you from creating anything.

For the last month (and longer) I seem to have been cursed by this. There is a severe lack of inspiration. Maybe a lack of motivation too. Where you do want to create something, but you just can’t get yourself to do it. I think that one of my problems at the moment is that I don’t really know what technique and what style I can use any more. I guess I feel a bit lost maybe.

I’m desperately looking for inspiration, for something that will give me that spark I need to get back into art and to create images. It’s been so long since I created anything and I really miss that feeling of finishing an image and being happy with it and then showing it to people.

What are your ways to get inspiration?

Is there anything out there that just makes you want to pick up your brush and create art?

Some pictures from a trip to the UK.