March 16, 2012

My flat!

Since I promised my family I would put up some new pictures of my flat, here they are!
I think they have waited long enough haha.

My lovely desk which I'm very happy with!
Just need a proper desk chair now heh.

A cute little plant my cousin gave me before I moved. =)

My bookcase, which also holds all my art supplies behind the doors.

Part of our books, mostly my children's books.
And my cool book ends!

A hanger which holds a photo and some cards.
And my boyfriend's guitar is peeking at the bottom.

The roses my boyfriend got me when I moved in, now placed in the kitchen
(though they are kinda dying right now, aww).

Our tv and one of the sofas. And our big DVD collection
(the videogames are hidden behind the doors).

The awesome/beautiful blind in our living room, next to the tv.
I love it! =D

The dining table, with a view on the park (well, a big bush in the park).

The bedroom with my new wardrobe (just for me!) and cabinets and shelf, yay!

If you look at the first pictures of the flat (which I posted a while back in January), you can probably see that the place has improved quite a bit already.
Now if only I can start putting nice pictures on the wall, then this place will end up looking even more pretty! =D

Also I love being next to a park. It's great to cycle through to get to town. And last night when I couldn't sleep, I ended up listening to the foxes who were letting out their cries in the park. =)