November 7, 2011

One step closer to growing up...

So the news has been announced to my parents. I will be moving out soon.

Of course how soon has yet to be defined (probably somewhere after December?), and I won't just be moving out. No. I'll actually be moving to the United Kingdom, to go live with my boyfriend (who lives there already).

But of course I need to save up some money first so we can find a place to live in. It's a bit hard to do when you have no job and finding a job for two or three months is almost impossible I think. So I'm trying to sell cards and jewellery, so far without much success haha.

If you're interested in any of my stuff and want to help me out, you can have a look at my Etsy Store. Or commission me for a drawing or something. Anything! =)

I made a cute brooch a while ago, which I recently put on Etsy. It's based on my 'Whistle' drawing (which you can also see in my blog banner). I simply wanted to try out my clay to see what I could do with it. If I get more inspiration, I might try making more stuff like this.

Music note brooch.

Also when I was in Spain, I didn't just make those four Christmas cards I posted about in my previous post. I also made a drawing, something a bit different. I had taken a list with me with a lot of random words on there, to hopefully give me some inspiration. Bottled is one of the words that was on the list and a word that stood out to me, so I started sketching.

The word “bottled” brought up the “message in a bottle” image for me. But I didn't want to have a typical letter in a bottle, so I changed it around a bit to have an actual person in there. Maybe a bit weird, but to me it fits. It's something that I imagine would go well with a poem. =)

A message of love and kindness, bottled away for when you need it most.

'Bottled Love'

Drawn with inks and white ecoline ink on brown paper, then I touched it up in Photoshop. I decided to sort of leave the creases in the paper (from the water/ink) because I think it adds to the image. =)