May 5, 2011

Image stories

Whoo another update! Didn't expect that, did you?

I'm posting another example I made for one of my classes in secondary school. I was told by my mentor to think of an assignment that lets the pupils (13-14 year old girls) replace words with images.

So I had them think up a very short story. I gave them a long list with words, from which they had to pick at least 3. These words they would have to make into images. Then of course they still had to think of at least 3 more themselves. I let the pupils help each other to think up stories, or if they were really stuck I helped them along a bit.

To make the assignment a bit more challenging, I gave the pupils 5 fonts they could pick from. They were told to copy the fonts by hand. Some did really well doing this and even picked the more difficult and curly fonts, while some others tried to completely ignore this part (I made sure they still copied a font though!).

This is the example I made to show them, which I let them try and decipher in the class. Sorry it's in Dutch, but I'll translate it for those people who can't read it.

Image story.

The text says: "The evil witch flew on her broomstick over the forest. Behind her sat her cat. In her hand she held an apple that had been injected with a deadly poison."

I will update again soon with another example I have made for class. Tomorrow is my very last day at placement, so I better go and prepare for it some more! =)

May 1, 2011

It's oh... so quiet...

Indeed, it has been quiet for way too long up here. I apologise for that!

It's not that I haven't had anything to post, it's just that I've been too busy to find the time to actually post it. Plus I always feel like whatever I might be posting isn't worth it anyway. =P

But I'm going to try and change that, so here is another update!
My placement is almost running at an end, with only one more week to go. Yay! Excited! I'll be happy when it's over, as it's been a bit of a stressful time. And I'm still wondering whether teaching is something I want to do right now or not. I have a lot of confidence issues I would have to work on first before I can stand in front of a class heh.

Anyway, for my placement I've had to make some example images. Not too many, for most I could use old drawings I had or things I found online. But here are two images I made or my placement.

Under the covers

This drawing was used as one of my examples in a class for adults. I was going to teach them about 'frottage' (rubbing with a pencil over a texture so you get that texture in your drawing) and used this as an example as to how you can integrate it into a drawing. The blanket was made by me rubbing it over the sole of a shoe haha. Done in coloured pencils, which is something I rarely work with so it was refreshing.

Long hair portrait

This one is an example I made for my 12-14 year old students in art class. Inspired by the film "Rapunzel", I let them make a non-realistic portrait of themselves with long hair/a long beard. They had to use oil pastels for this. The objects were added in afterwards and are either collage or drawn (though pretty much all the students just used collage). They had to pick either things they liked, or things they didn't like.

The red version is the original, the green and blue one I altered in Photoshop to show them the difference between the colours (green and blue create a bigger contrast). I actually prefer those (especially green) over the original haha.

Long enough post for now I think, no? I think so!

I will be trying to update more in the future, but as we know it's not something I can promise. I'm not good at keeping promises like that anyway. =P