September 25, 2010


Hey all! Another update from me, whoo! Aren't you guys lucky? =P

How are things with me? Hmm, ok I'd say. I've had some up and some down days (last two were down days, boooh), but overall I think I am doing ok. I'm currently working on a drawing again which I hope to finish soon, once I get back into it. Of course I will post it on here once it's done. =)

You may have noticed I started making jewellery recently, more specifically earrings. Well I'm still making those, though I've now also started making some rings with images in them. I actually only made them today, and guess what? I already sold one! Made me so happy! =D

Here are the rings, the Red Robin one got sold, though I'm going to make a new one already. You can click on the image to go to the Etsy page of the item. =)

Flower Ring.

Love Ring.

Red Robin Ring.

I'm planning to do some more rings soon, maybe even earrings with pictures in them, so check back soon! =)

September 16, 2010

Busy busy busy

Sooo it's been sort of busy times for me. I've been learning how to drive (still learning, I'm not very good at this at all!) and I had some eye surgery last week from which I'm still recovering (blood red eyes, whoo!).

In the meantime however, I've also been keeping busy with some art. Well, just two simple drawings/paintings for now, but it's a start. Hoping it will lead to more art soon! =)

This drawing was inspired by a song called "Tiger, My Friend" by Psapp. A lovely song, so be sure to check it out! Did this one with pencil on recycled paper, then coloured it in with some coloured ink and ecoline paint.

Tiger, My Friend

And then this is simply a random painting of a girl, her cat and a book. Very simple, but I wanted to try out my acrylics again. Only to find I only have about 5 colours left or something. Time to invest in more!

Peaceful Reading

Apart from this though, I've also been busy making earrings, as was already obvious from my previous post. I'm still learning how to make things properly, but at the moment I've assembled a small collection of simple earrings. Some are a bit nicer than others, but yeah. Hopefully I'll get better with time. =)
As before, these will go on sale on Etsy. If you're interested in any, just let me know!

Lilly Flower earrings
(also in pink, green and purple)

Wire wrapped Yellow Pendant earring

Yellow Lilly Drop earring

Turquoise Teardrop earring

Turquoise Raindrops earring

Grape Wire wrapped Pearl Teardrop earring

Sorry for the earring spam haha. Just been happy to be making things again. It's been a nice change from the art and the constant artist's block. I'm never stopping with drawing though, unless I was physically unable to or something.

Hope to be posting again soon! =)