September 25, 2010


Hey all! Another update from me, whoo! Aren't you guys lucky? =P

How are things with me? Hmm, ok I'd say. I've had some up and some down days (last two were down days, boooh), but overall I think I am doing ok. I'm currently working on a drawing again which I hope to finish soon, once I get back into it. Of course I will post it on here once it's done. =)

You may have noticed I started making jewellery recently, more specifically earrings. Well I'm still making those, though I've now also started making some rings with images in them. I actually only made them today, and guess what? I already sold one! Made me so happy! =D

Here are the rings, the Red Robin one got sold, though I'm going to make a new one already. You can click on the image to go to the Etsy page of the item. =)

Flower Ring.

Love Ring.

Red Robin Ring.

I'm planning to do some more rings soon, maybe even earrings with pictures in them, so check back soon! =)


  1. Vet, vooral die vogel! Groet, H.

  2. I love these rings. They are so cute.