February 10, 2012

Daily-Draw February 10

For today's drawing I started with a simple digital cloud practice (after listening to 'Feeling Good' by Muse I felt like drawing a blue sky).

Then I remembered how I used to draw digital"realistic" images all the time years ago. I would spend days on just one drawing, drawing individual hairs and spots, all on a simple online drawing program that wouldn't let you save your progress (all you could do was submit the finished image). So I'd have my computer on for dayssss, drawing during my spare time after school heh.

I decided to do a realistic drawing again, though I did it a lot more roughly than I would have back in the day. The time limit has something to do with that too. =P
I drew a snow leopard as they are some of my favourite animals. I love how majestic they look!


  1. Het is geweldig weer nieuwe tekeningen van je te zien :)
    Je bent goed bezig. En kan steeds weer die gevoelens zo mooi in beeld brengen.
    Keep up thé good work!!!

    1. Dank u! Het is leuk om weer te tekenen, ook al is het vaak moeilijk om iets te bedenken!
      Nu alleen hopen dat ik het de volgende 19 dagen nog kan volhouden! =)