February 20, 2012

A blog-chain award

There is a blog award going around which people give to each other. I was given this one by An!
These are the rules:
1. Add the award to your blog.
2. Thank the blogger(s) who gave it to you.
3. Mention 7 random things about yourself.
4. List the rules.
5. Award to 15 bloggers.
6. Inform each of the 15 by leaving a comment on their blog.

7 things about me:
1 - Apart from art, one of the other things I like spending time on is videogames.
2 - I have always said that if I can't have a job as an artist, I wouldn't mind working with animals. Working in a zoo/petting farm would be amazing as I love animals!
3 - My room is always a mess, much to the annoyance of my mom (sorry!).
4 - Sparkling water is my favourite drink. I will always carry a bottle with me.
5 - I make lists for everything: things I need to do, things I need to buy, ... I like to have things planned out!
6 - I still sleep with a teddy bear in bed since it's so nice and soft. =)
7 - I love theme parks, but rarely get to go. If I could visit one every month, I would!

Alright, now I have to give this award to other people. Sadly I don't follow 15 blogs, and the few I do seem to have already gotten this award. So the only other person I can give it to is:


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