February 6, 2012

Daily-Draw February 6

I will already apologise, as today's entry is really just kinda bleh. But I didn't really feel like thinking of anything to draw today. Just grabbed some scrapped paper that I was about to throw away (and still will) and started drawing.

The first one had some colour on it from where I tested my paints. Just started drawing in that corner, and somehow I ended up turning this into some kind of Venus portrayal (like the Venus from Botticelli). My scanner didn't do the colours/lines any justice (made it all look worse), but I didn't feel like trying to fix it.

Then I also doodled this on another piece of scrap paper and gave it some highlights/shading in Photoshop. Don't ask me what's going on cause I don't know heh. Just a random doodle.

1 comment:

  1. Die Venus in het water is leuk gedaan. Vooral het water ziet er goed uit.