January 9, 2012

House Hunting

So I'm sure some of you remember me mentioning (in my last post here even) that my plan is to move to the UK soon to live with my boyfriend there. I can now say that after lots of looking online and visiting some houses in real life, we have finally found a place in Bournemouth! =D
(if you just want to see the pictures and don't want to read the story, just scroll down)

It has been a bit of a busy 2 weeks, not just with Christmas and New Year, but also with the house hunting. I had made a list of houses/flats I liked and kept checking the website for new additions every day. When I finally got to the UK at the end of December, we started making appointments to check out houses.

The next day we already got to check out a place and we immediately fell in love with it! It was a one bedroom place, but the living room, kitchen and bedroom were quite big. Plus a lovely shower, 2 toilets and best of all, furnished! It's located in a quiet residential area, with the back leading into a park. We were sold.

But we knew that we couldn't just go for the first house we viewed without at least comparing it to others. So we arranged some more viewings and checked out some more places (well, 3)... but we just kept thinking about the first one, and none of the others seemed to be as good. Either they were older, smaller, not in a good location, none were furnished, yet they all cost the same.

So after a few nervous days being afraid it would be gone, we called back the agency to say we wanted the first place... and they said we could have it! =D
We went in to sign the contracts, paid our deposit, rent and fees and on Friday we got the keys! We already bought some small things from Ikea and other stores to get the basic kitchen stuff ready and to make it feel a bit more homely. Sadly I had to return back to Belgium on Saturday, but I'll be planning to move at the end of February/start of March. I will finally be living in my own place!

For those interested, here are some pictures taken with my crappy phone. They don't even do the place any justice since it's bigger than it looks!

Our front door, at the back of the building.

The communal garden seen from our front door.
The park is through that gate on the right.
There were squirrels running on the grass. =)

The living room with two leather sofas and the shelf unit.
The tv isn't ours, so that might still go (we have our own anyway).

Dining table, with a small window to the kitchen. Love it!

The kitchen. Hard to show in a picture but it's big!
That hole is going to be filled with another shelf unit,
as that's where the previous owner had his dishwasher.

The cooker and fridge/freezer.
I will love filling that fridge up with yummy food! =D

Big shower, wheee!

Part of the bedroom, with the door leading to a small built-in wardrobe.

And the bed. Very simple but I'm sure it'll be fine.
As long as my boyfriend will stay on his side. =P

So that's what my place currently looks like! It still needs some work done of course, but it already looks lovely to me. Now I just have to hope my boyfriend won't mess it up before I move in there!


  1. Het ziet er absoluut super uit! Ik ben zo jaloers! Ik kan niet wachten op het moment dat Andreas en ik ook gaan kijken naar een leuk huisje. Wie weet belanden we ook in Engeland (binnen een paar jaar).
    Ik ben echt zo blij voor je! Wie weet word je nog een succesvolle illustrator daar! Ik zou zeker je boeken kopen!
    Was je ene boekje (van je masterjaar) eigenlijk te koop?

    1. Als je naar Engeland verhuist, laat het mij dan weten! Dan kunnen we bij elkaar op bezoek ofzo. =P

      En ik hoop dat ik met illustratie kan beginnen in de toekomst! Hoewel ik eerst ergens een job in een winkel ofzo ga zoeken om de rekeningen te betalen.

      Mijn eindwerk is niet uitgegeven, maar dat is ook omdat ik er zelf geen tijd heb in gestoken om het te tonen aan uitgeverijen (vooral omdat ik er zelf niet meer tevreden over ben). Maar als ik ooit een boekje uitgeef, dan zal ik het natuurlijk meteen aan iedereen laten weten. =)