January 23, 2012

Sale in my shop!

Hey everyone!

People who follow me on Facebook might know it already, but I'm currently doing a sale in my shop! Since I will be moving in a month, I decided to clear out some of my stuff so I have less to pack away and move with me across the sea. It will also be a nice way to maybe start with some new products once I'm settled in and have found a job. =)

So if you're interested in some of my jewellery or cards, head over to my shop by clicking on the image below!

Click here for sales up to almost 40%!

1 comment:

  1. Succes met de verkoop!
    Ik heb al je leukste oorbelletjes gekocht :D
    Ik zou er nog wel kunnen kopen, maar ik ben aan het sparen voor een berenschedel :p