September 1, 2011

T-shirt design & Etsy shop

Hey hey!

Been a while since I was last active on here. I apologise. But then I guess if you're following me, you're already used to the long silences. =P

I have been busy this summer selling some of my stuff at a local art market. Mostly just selling jewellery, cards and magnets. It was a fun experience and I made a bit of money out of it (nothing amazing but any kind of money is welcome right now!). Too bad the summer is over now, but maybe next year I can do it again. =)

Now that I have more time again though, I decided to open up my Etsy shop again. I still have a lot of jewellery and cards left, so I'll be uploading those on there. It might take a few days as I don't want to upload it all at once.

If you're interested, you can go here: My Etsy Shop
Though you can always just contact me personally if you want to buy something! It saves me money as selling items on Etsy sadly isn't free.
Here are some of my items, but just a few!

Antique golden owl earrings

Antique silver music note earrings

'Whistle' decoration magnet

Anyway like I said, you can find more stuff in my Etsy shop, including some postcards. Soon I'll be posting my greeting cards and self-made magnets as well. =)

I also finally made a new T-shirt design this week! Again it's been ages since I did one of those, but my boyfriend was bugging me about making a howling wolf one. I know it's not a very original idea, but I do like how it turned out!
You can click on the image to go to the T-shirt page.

Howling Wolf T-shirt

And that's it for now!
I'm currently still working on a logo/image for someone, so maybe once that is done I can post it on here too (if he agrees to it of course)!

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  1. We (my girlfriend and I) have been looking at your t-shirts some time ago, so it's very cool to see you revive this :)

    Looking forward to your future artwork! :)