September 27, 2011

Super Llama!

I was contacted a while ago by Wim Leers, who saw my stall at a local art market. He asked if I could draw an image for his new website (
Not just any kind of image though, no. He asked if I could draw for him a Super Llama!

And of course I wanted to give it a try!

It took me quite a few sketches and some redesigns, because apparently llamas aren't as easy to draw as you would imagine. But in the end the result turned out quite nice I think. =)

Super Llama!

If anyone is ever interested in a commission (be it a logo, a drawing or something else), feel free to contact me. =)

1 comment:

  1. Hi Ine,
    I sent you an email regarding your drawings being available digitally as a jpg image for sale. Have you ever thought of selling that way? I am interested in using some of them on our page.