February 2, 2011

My own website!

Yes! I finally did it!

My own website!

It took me ages and ages to figure out how to get a website together, but I think I finally did it. I don't know if it works properly on every browser and on every computer screen, but it looks good on mine. If anything looks wrong, let me know so I can try to fix it!

My coding and website designing knowledge is veeeery limited though. This looks really cheap and simple because it's the only thing I could get to work haha. Now to figure out how to set up a shop on there and I'm all set (if anyone knows how to do this, feel free to help me out). =P

Sorry for the lack of updates by the way, been a bit busy over Christmas (being abroad and being ill) and now with my placement. Hopefully at some point I can find the time to draw and post something on here. Maybe just sketches even. More interesting than nothing, no?

Actually, I can share two sketches I did a while ago in a programme called ScribblerToo. It's a very simple drawing programme, but it lets you create some fun stuff. Here's two random things I made in there. =)

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