December 1, 2010

Commission card finished!

Phew! It's finally done!

This actually took me quite some time. Not that it's that difficult, but I really seem to have lost the hang of drawing haha.

Last time I was still wondering what I would use to draw this in, but then I realised I didn't really have any materials left (no paints etc.). So I decided my only real option was to draw it digitally. Which is always a bit of a challenge, and usually takes me a lot longer too. I found it really difficult to get the entire image to look good, constantly fiddling with colours and textures and backgrounds. But in the end I settled for this, and luckily the company was very happy with it, yay! =D

New Year's card for company EDUTOY,
to launch their new site.

Apart from this, I've mostly been busy with school. Trying to work on assignments, but mostly taking care of my placements. I finally found two schools I'll be doing my placements in, whoo! Also already got to help in one school, and will be going to help in the other one on Friday. Exciting and scary at the same time haha.

And tomorrow I'll be giving a workshop on linocuts to my fellow students. So yes, busy times. Christmas is also coming up, which means I have to go do my shopping soon. =)

Hopefully I'll get to post on here again soon with new art work, even though I've got nothing planned so far. Have to keep those creative juices flowing though! So until next time!


  1. Jij gaat dat goed doen :) dat les geven.. veel succes!!!

  2. Dank u Karen! Vrijdag ga ik assisteren bij Inge op de academie, lekker met papier maché knoeien. =)

  3. Heel mooi, met leuke winterse kleurtjes, I like! :)
    Liefs, Ev.