March 25, 2010

Tests and stress

I keep changing around that lino print I posted in my previous blog entries. Still wasn't happy with the placement of the table in the background; it was partly sitting behind the smoke/smell, which just didn't work well.

So thanks to the wonders of Photoshop and lots of fiddling around, I changed it again. I think this works better, no? Also made the red a bit more orange, so it doesn't come across as being too aggressive. This is aimed at small children after all heh.

Re-reworked image.

I'm also fiddling around with text placement and different fonts, but I'm really no good at this. Contacted a graphic design teacher to hopefully help me, but so far no response. Wish I was good at typography!

Typography test (and failure).

Also have a big presentation about this project tomorrow. So very nervous! Keep your fingers crossed for me please! =P

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