March 23, 2010

Lino progress... and non-progress

So I managed to finish my lino prints after working on them all of Sunday night. Only to find out the prints weren't all that great, but I thought I could redo them if needed.

What's worse however, is that now I got told that the background didn't work with the image. I can see why, but I wonder why it wasn't pointed out when I showed my sketch.

The sketch.

The actual lino (touched up a bit in Photoshop).

Few differences between the sketch and lino, but most of it is similar. I lost a bit of my motivation after I heard I'd need to do it all over again, especially as this takes so many hours to make. But I decided that instead of making a new lino, I'd just fiddle around with the scan in Photoshop and see what I could do. This is the result for now.

Reworked image.

Not sure it really works yet. There's less focus on the background now and it doesn't take away as much from the characters, but it still doesn't work I think. Any ideas what I could do to improve it?

Sidenote: these are actually two pages in a book (so a spread), with the left side being kept open for text, as is shown in the sketch.

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