June 11, 2010

Book test

I just had some fun trying to create a mini version of my book. I simply printed out the pages and glued them all together. It helps me to figure out how many pages I still need. Turns out I still need two more. Plus do the cover and title page and all that.
Days left: 2 and a half. So I better hurry haha.

But it's fun seeing your project almost ready. Here are some pictures for the mini book. Don't look at the crappy quality of it all, it's just a dummy.

Plus here's another lino that I did that I'm quite happy with. Too bad it'll have text going all over it, but oh well, nothing I can do about that heh. Good thing I can still post it here. =)

Once my entire project is done, I will of course post photos of it on here!


  1. Hey Ine, ik zag je werk vandaag liggen op de tentoonstelling. Ziet er werkelijk prachtig uit! Wel leuk dat je ook een kastje hebt met wat materiaal en die mooie gebloemde handschoentjes :). Op die manier krijg je als outsider meer voeling met de beelden. Véél succes in de eindspurt!

  2. Dank je! En ja ik vond dat mijn handschoentjes er bij moesten liggen. Die hebben mijn vingers goed beschermd! Nu de laatste dingen nog klaarmaken en we kunnen naar de jury!

    Succes nog met uw werk, ik duim voor u dat ge het allemaal op tijd af krijgt. =)

  3. Hey,

    I loves the work =) I have to put together a dummy book pretty soon too, with the cover and all. Any tips? It looks like you made yours nicely.

  4. Hey LJ!

    I actually had my book cover done by other people who know something about that stuff. I'm not very good at sewing and glueing things together hehe.

    There's actually quite a few guides online that show you how to do it. Just look for "bookbinding" or "how to bind a book" and you'll get sites and videos that can help you. =)