May 18, 2012

Job get!

It's been a while since my last update and I figured I should update this blog again. Especially since I got a job this month, whoo!

It's not the perfect job and actually a job of which I said "I never want to do this"... but it's money so I can't be picky at the moment heh. I am in a customer support role, giving technical support to Dutch/Belgian clients about their smartphones (a specific brand but I'm not even sure I'm allowed to mention it). I know nothing about smartphones myself and it's not easy for me to deal with angry customers (I'm a shy person), but hopefully I will get used to it!

I received two weeks of training and have just finished two weeks of actually working on the phone lines, so four weeks in total. It's going okay, but I still need to learn a lot! They gave me phone to practice on though, so basically I get a free smartphone! Which sadly I have to hand back after my three month probation period. =P

Apart from this job, I seem to be getting quite a few requests for freelance work, ranging from translation to illustration and design work. I'm doing a 25 hour translation job this week (so next to my 37.5 hour full time job), starting on about 15 illustrations for a book someone wants to make, possibly starting an illustration/design project for my sister's job and then still two smaller illustration commissions. I don't know how I'm going to get it all done, but I just can't say no to people haha!

Also I walked back home through the park this week when getting back from work. And even though it was a rainy day, I enjoyed seeing all the lovely flowers and plants. Some parts of the park are nice and clean, while other parts look like a jungle. I love it.  =)

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  1. O proficiat!!!
    Zo'n job zo ik ook niet graag willen... Als het maar geld oplevert hé. Zoveel illustratie werk! Ik ben benieuwd!
    Groetjes uit het warme België!