July 8, 2010


Hello everyone! Like the title says, I have indeed graduated. I am now a Master in Graphic Design! Though we all know illustration is where my heart is, I'm no good at graphic design haha.

But yes, 4 years are over and done with. And now I'm getting ready for another year where I will go on a teacher course. You know, just to make sure I can have some form of a job in the future, as being a freelance illustrator isn't guaranteed pay. =P

As promised in my last post, here are some pictures of my exhibition space. It's nothing too fancy, but oh well. Better than nothing! You can click the pictures to see a bigger version.

My small corner of the exhibition.

A glass cabinet with a papier maché bear, some linocuts and
my working materials and some sketches.

Some original linoprints on the wall.

A few prints with text, two original prints, my book (top picture)
and a "feelings meter" (bottom picture).

As you can imagine, I'm very happy to have this finished. Though chances are I'll continue the project and improve it, to hopefully get it published at some point (if I can find a publisher that is). But of course I'm hoping to also move on from here, improve on my art, find new techniques etc.

The road ahead is very long and will probably have many difficulties along the way, but I'm excited to walk along it and see where it takes me. =)

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